Welcome to the TO THE MOON Community!

Online education works best when a feeling of community builds up through sharing of interests and ideas. A good place to start is for each participant in the course to create a wiki page here about themselves and especially their interests that relate to the Moon, space and education. There is no template or requirement, and you can come back at any time to edit, add or delete. Here is how to start.

Making Your Own Wiki Page

(make sure your have set up an account - top right)
1. Click "New Page" option under the Moon icon at upper left.
2. Type in your name as the name of the new wiki page: e.g. Chuck Wood.
3. Click 'Preview" button on edit command line above and to the right. Looks good, right?
4. Type anything you want, using the editing functions above: B, I, U, etc.
5. To add links type two square brackets followed by the url of your link. Then type the vertical line (above the backward slash on my keyboard) and include whatever text you want to identify the link, followed by two more closing square brackets. Click "Edit this" to look at formating of this text link:
6. Here are all the rest of the formating commands, or better yet, use the visual editor.
7. Experiment, have fun, and post things here that are relevant that you want others to look at.

- tychocrater tychocrater Jul 31, 2007