Assignment 1: Create a wiki page for yourself, which will be where you will add material during the course. You can say anything you want on this page, but here are two things you specifically need to address:

1. What is your…
a. Experience in education?

I have over 22 years of formal education experience as a student—12 years K-12; 4 years undergraduate; 2 years in a masters program; and 4 years in a doctoral program. I have over 20 years experience as an educator. My professional experiences include organizing and presenting professional development training/workshop programs, developing curriculum materials as well as supplemental materials; leading a team in the development of multimedia middle through high school level science products; and evaluating educational programs and products.

b. Interest/level of knowledge about the Moon?

My interests in learning more about the Moon are based on the fact that the Moon is beautiful. I am interested in its orbit and changing perspectives. When I was young, my country competed with the Russians to be the first to land, explore, and successful return from the Moon. As an adult space exploration enthusiast, I would like to see human exploration and possible colonization of the Moon. I have been involved in the development of a multimedia simulation that examines the biological, physical, and engineering challenges of building a controlled plant-based life support system that could support a crew for 1 to 3 years at a time on the Moon or Mars. Part of my motivation to learn about design scenarios for establishing a space colony on the Moon, is to learn more about how to design more biologically safe life support systems for Earth.

2. What do you specifically hope to get out of the course?

I hope to learn: (1) More about the Moon as an astronomical object close to the Earth; (2) How the wiki software and interface can provide a unique environment for online learning; and (3) How to organize, structure, and assess online group activities.