Week 1 Sept 24-30

Assignment 1

Who are you?

Pre-Test 1

What do you know?

Assignment 2

Learning the Moon

Discussion question 1

Is a Space Science Education EPO MS program needed?

Week 2 Oct 1-7

Assignment 3 (at bottom of page)

Look at Moon with binoculars

Discussion question 2 (at bottom of page)

Ask - and answer - a question about the Moon.

Week 3 Oct 8-15

Assignment 4 (at bottom of page)

Where are there lunar like landforms near you?

Week 4 Oct 16-22

4 Discussion questions

(1) Short story, (2) Moon in popular culture, (3) full Moon effect, (4) using resources

Week 6 Oct 29-Nov 4

(there was no week 5!)

Assignments 6a and 6b

Week7 Nov 5 - Nov 11

Assignment 7

Looking at Lunar Activities from Two Perspectives

Week8 Nov 12 - Nov 17

Assignment 8 (a-e)

Full detail and PDFs for all of this can be found on the 'Misconceptions' week page (link on bar at left)
(a) Read posted PDF Called 'Understanding Models in Earth and Space Science'
(b) Read full Page for Misconceptions Week, which includes four content sections and an example of Assignment (d)
(c) Post AND respond to someone else's post three times each in the 'Discussion' section for the week. Please post and respond to the specific threads 'Private Universe', 'Example of Misconception', and 'What I'll Change that I Do'.
(d) Post TO YOUR PARTICIPANT page, an image of the Moon, any aspect of the Moon, that you might use as a teaching model. And then suggest three correct 'conceptions' a learner could take away from the image, and three 'misconceptions' a learner could also take away at the same time!