Week 1 (24 Sept): Assignment 1

Create a wiki page for yourself, which will be where you will add material during the course. You can say anything you want on this page, but here are two things you specifically need to address:

1. What is your experience in education and your interest/level of knowledge about the Moon?
Ans: I have been involved in formal (college astro labs) and informal education (observatory public nights, astro clubs,...) for a really long time (details).

As for the moon, I can identify one feature (Mare Crisium) without looking it up, I take lots of pictures of it*, but otherwise, as an amateur astronomer, I tend to avoid the nights when it is near full (messes up the viewing).

*3 recent pics

2. What do you specifically hope to get out of the course?
Ans: Well, pretty much what was originally advertised...
  • learn more about the moon so that I'm "comfortable" talking about it... while some of this is stuff that I can "easily" look up, it's taking the time to actually do it, so maybe in a classroom setting, I will get around to doing that!
    • missions
    • features
  • learn about wiki stuff and doing a class online...