Tell Me About the Moon

With Chuck Wood's help, I now have a page in the right place.

I share with you a picture taken from the space shuttle mission 117. When I first saw it, I needed a few minutes to think about where the Earth is located within the picture. I then saved it thinking it would be fun to discuss during this course.

I am a teacher. I have been an a licensed teacher for 30 years now, but I think I have probably been a teacher all my life. I am the oldest of three children. I remember "playing school" with my sister and brother and all the neighborhood children, and I was the teacher. For me the magic of teaching is the excitement of discoveries--some simple; some complex--with someone else. In teaching I am always learning.

My degree is in elementary education. I spent eight years in middle school before staying home for another eight years with three sons (my pre-school teaching years). I returned to the public schools and did long-term, K-12 substitute teaching assignments for 4 years. Then I landed my current job of NASA educator resource center manager and curriculum writer for the NASA-supported Classroom of the Future. I am also teaching as an adjunct for Wheeling Jesuit University this fall. I have juniors who will be future elementary teachers, and together we are exploring how best to teach math and science.

I look forward to our week of learning and teaching each other.