wikispace_home2.jpgMy background is education outreach, instructional design, and evaluation. You’ll find from my contributions to the course overall and the one-week session in which we examine and “Exemplary Lunar EPO Projects” that I am interested in the process of learning. I am excited to be collaborating with Chuck Wood and the other faculty in the development of this online course—each of us has a unique area of interest that should blend together for a great course.

The discussion topics for the week-three session will examine what criteria we use to select and assess lunar lessons and activities. I’ll suggest a variety of moon-related activities and resources for review, and will provide several different tools for rating each of these products. We’ll work in teams to collaborate on the reviews. The discussion will involve sharing results of team reviews as well as comparing the different rating tools.

I’ll provide a list of relevant readings for the discussion topics and assignments, some of which will be freely available online or partly viewable online. I encourage participants to suggest lunar education products and guided observation experiences that can be included in the review process.

While I'm one of the four faculty for this course, I'm also going to complete assignments give by the other instructors. I think I'll get a lot more out of this course by participating in all of the components offered. With that said, here is a link to my response to Assignment 1.