Rubric for Reviewing Projects

Here's an EXCEL version of the rubric (ToTheMoon_ProjectRubric.xls) to review each other's projects.
Here is my review ( MoonOfSolarSys_ProjRev.xls) of Malcolm's project. Malcolm, will you be using this activity with your students soon? We'd enjoy hearing how the students respond to the activity and what you observe.

From Malcolm: I'm not sure who posted the above information. The link cited above to the Activity Assignment is not a review of my project. I will not use the activity until, possibly, the spring at the earliest, as I have already finished my astronomy unit. I will use it next year when I teach the solar system.
- Malcolm02 Malcolm02 Dec 3, 2007
(Malcolm McKinsey)

Hi Malcolm - You can see on the "Recent Changes" page that Laurie Ruberg made the top comment.

11Dec: Umm, I guess Laurie linked to the wrong file when she linked to the Activity Assignment.pdf as that is not a review but is something else...
Elizabeth - adastragrl adastragrl Dec 11, 2007

1: Malcolm's project: Moons of Our Solar System

2: Mike's project: Observing the Full Moon - A Classroom Project

3: Pat's project Return to the Moon

4: Elizabeth's project Orbital Mechanics

5: Nancy and Angelique's Project CyberSpace Redesign

6: Theresa's Moon Orbit Lab and Part 2 of orbit lab

7: Ken's Project - Incorporating the Moon into a community event

8. Wendell's Project - Introducing the Earth's Moon