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Observing the Moon: Where is it in the sky?

Sometimes people can't find the Moon. That is because it rises about one hour later each night. So if you see it high in the sky at 8 pm tonight, three days from now it will just be rising at the same time. The Moon is visible at some time during the night or day for about 90% of the time - you just have to know where and when to look. Start off by watching it a couple of days, noticing where it is in the sky, what it looks like (its phase) and what the time is.


A simple map This printable photomap labels enough features to be a good starting point for learning selenography - the geography of the Moon.
Classic Moon map w/ landing sites
A great starter map Review by Chuck (map not free)
A larger, laminated map - good for use with a telescope Review by Chuck (map not free)
Landing map Excellent online map showing all scientific landing sites.
Riccioli 1651 map The beginning of lunar nomenclature

Moon Photos
Moon Thumbnails Examples of images from the history of Moon exploration. These are free to download and use.
Beautiful pix Not public domain but inspiring just to see!
Hi res lunar closeups Excellent collection of images for edu use in classroom, but not publicly without permission.
Lunar Photo of the Day Chuck Wood's daily lunar image and commentary
The-Moon Wiki A huge encyclopedia of images and information about every named feature on the Moon; the easiest way to find an image or map of lunar features.
The Lunar Navigator Interactive detailed images of Moon - click to see crater names (but names don't show up on my Mac).

Binocular Observing
Binocular Tour of the Moon An easy intro to the bino Moon.
Skywatchers Guide to the Moon 1 page printable photo with a few features to notice.

Telescopic Observing

Lunar Software
Online applets to document all aspects of the Moon's motion in the sky
Virtual Moon Atlas A fantastic program for lunar science - and its free - PCs only...