STS-118 Docked with ISS
As a student of the 2007 "To The Moon" course, allow me to introduce myself.

I have over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field, with more than 14 years related to software & system development, test, verification, and operation of NASA critical systems. I served as the Chief of Software, Education and Networking in the U.S. Army Information Systems Command at the largest Information Center within the U. S. Army (Fort Hood, TX) before moving to Kennedy Space Center, FL in 1988. I also adjunct instruct various computer science courses at the local community college.
An STS-118 photo to share is:

Assignment 1: two things you specifically need to address:

1. What is your experience in education and your interest/level of knowledge about the Moon?

I have a MS, and work at KSC, FL -- my interest/knowledge on the Moon is minimal considering.

2. What do you specifically hope to get out of the course?

I'm interessted in learning. In the big picture learning about the Moon seems related to the future of our space program.

I'm going to try to insert a link to a photo of Mare Orientale: Mare Orientale

There is a great web-site that shows where we, and the Moon, fit into the larger picture: