Welcome to the e-Missions Forum for Challenger Learning Centers (CLC)!

Our CLC at Wheeling Jesuit University created the first e-Mission - Operation Montserrat - in 2001?? to offer the hands-on, engaged learning of a traditional onsite CLC mission through live videoconferences. Since then the WJU CLC has flown more than 3000 e-Missions to students in every state and in Argentina, Canada, where, and where. Wheeling also flies dozens of teacher training missions each year, as well as corporate missions.

Eight other CLC are licensed to fly e-Missions; currently WJU CLC Is considering whether to license other CLCs.

E-missions are different from onsite missions, and the purpose of this interactive forum is for the WJU CLC to provide information about e-Missions to Challenger Centers who have licensed e-Missions or who are interested in doing so. It is also a place for e-Mission users to share experiences and hint, and ask questions.

The forum uses wiki software, which means that you can easily participate by adding comments or by creating totally new pages and discussions. First, you need to complete an easy registration. And then you need to learn just a tiny amount on using the wiki.

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